Most foreign visitors need a Visa for their stay in Russia. Please note that you should at least allow 30 days for the application of the Visa.

The Visa process contains of 2 steps:

1) Invitation letter to Russia.

2) Application for the Visa at your local Russian Embassy or Consulate.

After your arrival in Russia your Visa needs to be registered at the authorities within 3 days. 

The school can support you with the Invitation and Registration process. Cost of these services varies according to length of stay/type of Visa.

Please also consult your local Embassy for prices and application rules of the Visa.

(Prices for Invitation span from 50-90 Euro, Visa from 50-70 and Registation span from 30-60 Euros. These prices are entirely set by the Russian Authorities and outside the control of the Language School and may be changed at any time)